Bayimba foundation to award stake holders in the arts

Bayimba foundation to award stake holders in the arts


The Bayimba Cultural Foundation today announced the premier Annual Bayimba Honours event that will take place on the 17th December 2016 in Kampala, Uganda. The Bayimba Honours will recognize private individuals, artists, families, institutions and companies with an outstanding record of philanthropy aimed at the development of the arts and culture in Uganda. The event will comprise of an awards ceremony with performances and a gala dinner.


History: One of the major challenge hindering the growth and development of the arts and culture in Uganda today is the lack of a significant local financial support base to the different creative multi-disciplinary initiatives across the country. Over the years, much of the work done has been supported by foundations and sympathizers from outside of Uganda. As such, the Bayimba Cultural Foundation seeks to gradually increase the level of giving to the cultural sector by encouraging appreciation of and to develop the support to the development of the arts and culture through the promotion of a culture of philanthropy in Uganda.

Faisa Kiwewa
Faisal Kiweewa, Director of Bayimba foundation


Call for nominations: The Bayimba Honours will recognise the generous contributions of philanthropists – individuals, artists, organisations, families and companies – towards the development of the arts and cultural life of a community or in Uganda as a whole and whose efforts: – reflect the vision and sense of obligation to public good; are of prominent dimension and have been sustained over time; and are of significant impact on a particular field, or on a particular group of people in Uganda.


Any Ugandan or any resident in Uganda may submit a nomination in one of the following categories: artist, private individual, a family, institution or a company.  Nominees have to be alive and, in the event of selection are able to receive the Bayimba Honor in person. Please note that a nomination does not automatically mean that the nominee will receive the Honor. All nominations will be vetted by the Bayimba Honors Committee. Upon selection for the Honor, the Honouree is expected to participate in any media and publicity activity related to the Bayimba Honors ceremony.





Nomination process:

  • June 20: Announcement made on call for nominations
  • July 30: deadline for submission of nominees
  • August 1 to September 1: review of nominations by the Bayimba Honours Committee
  • October 07: Announcement of Honourees
  • 17 December: Honourees are recognised during the annual Bayimba Honours event


Nominations forms can be found on our website using this link


Selection process: The Bayimba Honors Committee is the adjudicators of the eventual Honorees. The Committee is made up of five individuals that are invited from among members of the Bayimba Board, local arts institutions and cultural businesses, and leaders of local companies.


Bayimba Honours event: On the night of 17th December 2016, there will be two; the Honours event to publicly award the honourees and a gala dinner with the family and friends of the honourees, artists that will perform in honour of the honourees and invited guests. For this premier event, three distinguished performances of Silas Babaluku in a Hip Hop Orchestra featuring the Kampala Symphony Orchestra, a return of Julius Lugaaya in a contemporary dance performance entitled “who we are” and the legendary Geoffrey Oryema – an internationally acclaimed Ugandan Musician who has lived in exile for over thirty years and will for the first time perform in the country of his birth.


Tickets to the Bayimba Honors: Ticket sales will open on the 1st September 2016 and will go for: UGX 150,000 per person to attend only the honours event OR UGX 300,000 per person to attend both the honours event and the gala dinner.