MTN just squeezed 22 Vision Group employees in a Vitz

MTN just squeezed 22 Vision Group employees in a Vitz


MTN held a challenge at the Vision Group premises earlier this morning. Which was that many people had to fit in a Vitz Car to win prizes as part of their their Juzza Campaign promotional activities. And given the notion that a Vitz is so small, owners shouldn’t take them to washing bays but rather, use their kitchen sinks, this was going to be a hard one. But because the prize was a smart phone for everyone, many people braved the cameras and the malice that’d come from wearing promotional shirts.

The Vision group employees, writers, scribes and TV presenters who are renown for dissing people who battle for gifts in public looked hungrier than the average informal sector people! They looked desperate.

They formed departments, and took to the challenge. They shoved their bodies under and on top of each other with such vehemence. They squeezed themselves into the Vitz as hard as they could. Curling their long limbs and contracting their fat tummies to accommodate more people. A participant of the promotion was heard letting out shrills because she was behind a fat woman who seemed locked in a farting mode!

At the end of the day, the Bukede chaps had won. They were the fighters. The New Vision and Urban teams that are otherwise famed on the company premises for their feigned classy characters thought it was an easy one. So they flanked the challenge so terribly.

The Bukede chaps managed to squeeze 22 people in the car, together with the farting lady, sources reveal. While the English teams could only raise about 17 people who, also according to a contestant called Godiver Asege, seemed like they’d had too much Pizza and other exotic food stuffs.

“They belched and let out disgusting fumes. I moved out,” Godiver relayed.

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