Straka doing better things with her life after being fired at WBS

Straka doing better things with her life after being fired at WBS


By Kyle Duncan Kushaba

When Straka Mwezi’s WBS TV show dubbed The Late Show was scrapped, we thought that was the end of it! But we were wrong. Her rant on Social Media relayed that she was hurt. It read;

After serving WBS for over 14 years, management opts to potion a dose of its crisis to my fans, my callers and my viewership. With no notice of any kind, my show (Late Show) is subjected to a forceful closure, forceful in a sense that management is forcing me to sign a commitment, that I run the show but with no pay.

 This is an unjust and ill-treatment, not to me STRAKA, but to my fans, callers viewers and advertisers but in these 14 years of TV experience I’ve seen a lot of break downs and break through and the storm has never stopped me from bringing out the best in me and I promise it’s not about to!!!. So I plead with my fans friends and family not to give up even when feel so pushed against the wall, Stay strong take heart.”

Sources close to her have however revealed that she has come out strong.

According to a source in her circles, Straka used her savings to build and start a bar in Kirinya, Bweyogerere. He further reveal that her bar, though struggling, has amenities that can make for a future.

Below are pictures of the bar!

Straka-bar-4 Straka-bar-2 Straka-bar-1 Straka-bar Strakas bar Strakas 4