A soldier Arrested for obtaining money by false pretence

A soldier Arrested for obtaining money by false pretence



A 29 year old UPDF soldier attached to third division in Moroto

district detained at Soroti central police station for obtaining money

by false presence.


The officer is identified as Charles Oluka Ojachor a resident of

Orukrukio village Palam sub-county Katakwi district.


According to Michael Odongo the police spokesperson east Kyoga, the

suspect has been getting money from the members of the public in the

name of recruiting them into the army without the knowledge of

district leaders.


Odongo notes that Oluka was arrested on Sunday at B24 bar and lodge

located at eastern division of Soroti municipality where he went to

meet his recruits.


“The unfortunately bit on his side is that those very recruits

reported him to police leading to his arrest” Odongo said.


The suspect was taking the advantage of the ongoing army recruitment

to get money from the communities.


Odongo says they have victims totaling to 7 who are writing their

statements including others.


The suspect is reported to have deserted from the army and later re-

instated back to the army but he remained at home.


“Oluka had army number RA 201444 “Odongo added.



He notes that the suspect will be charged with obtaining money by

false pretense.


SOURCEAbraham Elapu