U Turn: Wiz Kid Offers two free shows to Ugandans

U Turn: Wiz Kid Offers two free shows to Ugandans

Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (WizKid) has promised Ugandans two free shows

By Norah Mukimba
Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (WizKid) is likely to perform in Uganda after all.
Close to six months after his no-show, in December 2016, he has promised to offer two free shows in Uganda, to make up for cancelling last year’s concert.
The singer made the announcement in a tweet on his verified account: “I’m doing free shows in Uganda this year! 2days free to make up for last time!”

Wiz Kid’s tweet that is doing rounds on social media

Wizkid was supposed to perform in Uganda in Kampala on December 3 last year in a concert dubbed ‘Wizkid Live in Concert’ but his concert was later cancelled for hitherto unknown reasons.
Following the cancellation, the organisers of the show, Face TV, later issued a statement apologizing to the fans before invoking Interpol to attest the artiste for breach of contract and fraud.

The timing of his tweet comes hot on the heels of a public outcry by international events promoter Suudi Lukwago who threatened to sue the show organizers, Face TV for taking Ugandans for a ride and tainting the image of the industry.
According to Suudi, many half-truths and blatant lies were exchanged and in the end, Ugandans were fooled.

Storm in a tea cup: Suudi stirred things late last week by demanding organizers Face TV refund Ugandans who bought tickets for the flopped concert

“Many Ugandans by nature are the forgiving and forgetful type. After close to 25,000 Ugandans paid for the “Wiz Kid Live in Kampala” concert in December 2016, only for him not to turn up at the last minute, it appears a closed chapter,” he wrote.
Suudi who claimed to have been in touch with someone in
Wiz Kid’s camp wondered what those “unavoidable circumstances”, as said by Face TV stopped the 26-year-old musician, from being “unable” to jet into Uganda.
He was against the notion of promoters of big events hiring light weight promoters to do big events. The timing of Wiz Kid’s tweet is just the beginning of another roller-coaster journey of anticipation.