Mowzey Radio rubbishes arrest warrant

Mowzey Radio rubbishes arrest warrant


Mowzey Radio is defiant that evidence should be produced incriminating him.

By Sula Kato
Controversial singer Moses Sekibogo a.k.a Mowzey Radio has laughed off talk that he faces arrest and a heavy fine over malicious destruction of property.
The suit comes after he allegedly destroyed a laptop belonging to a local DJ by throwing it into a swimming pool during the vigil of Ivan Ssemwanga in Muyenga.
As a result, Real Sounds through their lawyers Sam Kabanda Advocates and Solicitors have asked Radio to pay Sh56m for destroying a laptop belonging to Moses Lubega, a local DJ.
The Money, to be paid within 14 days, will also be topped with Shs.5m as interim legal fees.
A notice to sue letter seen by the Kampala Sun reads:
We shall not fail to hunt you down, drag you through the corridors of court for purposes of pumping sanity into yourself at your own peril, embarrassment and costs.”
However, when contacted, Radio said he would not respond to idiotic notices and laughed it all off. “I have better things to do than respond to nonsense,” he revealed.
Mowzey also lashes at ‘bloggers’ with itchy fingers who continue to abuse the noble profession of journalism. “So the bloggers wrote than I deep fried a laptop in the swimming pool? Where is the evidence? It is all forged,” he claims.



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