I have no hard feelings towards Buchaman- Bobi Wine

I have no hard feelings towards Buchaman- Bobi Wine


Buchaman who canvassed votes for FDC’s Apollo Kantinti said Bobi Wine is a dealer and not a leader

By Kampala Sun writer
Kyadondo East contestant, Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine claims he has no hard feelings towards Mark Bugembe (Buchaman) even after yesterday’s snub.
Buchaman, the former Fire Base Vice President was pictured canvassing for votes for FDC’s Apollo Kantinti manifesto rally on Sunday.
During the campaign rally was attended by FDC stalwarts Dr Kizza Besigye, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Winnie Kiiza among others, Buchaman cautioned voters against entrusting their votes with Bobi Wine who ‘he knows so well’.
src=”https://kampalasun.co.ug/testing/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Bobi22.jpg” alt=”” width=”960″ height=”640″ class=”size-full wp-image-10557″ /> Bobi Wine addresses a mammoth gathering at Kitegombwa in Nangabo Sub Country. [/caption]

Kantinti’s supporters who earlier in the day traded barbs with Bobi Wine’s team cheered loudly to Buchaman’s tirade. “Bobi Wine is a dealer and not a leader,” they chanted.
When we corroborated Buchaman’s words to Bobi Wine, he said he had better things to do than to dwell on negativity.
“My focus is on the plight of the common person. At this point in the race, I have no time for negativity. But if you really want to know, I have no ill-feelings towards him. We shared a past but I am now focused on the future which is at a higher platform and which comes with more responsibility,” He told The Kampala Sun.

Bobi Wine was accompanied by Samuel Walter Mukaaku Lubega, the 2016 Presidential candidate

In 2010, the two singing partners went their separate ways with Buchaman accusing Bobi Wine of exploitation, while the latter said Buchaman had lost focus. Although Buchaman later asked for forgiveness after falling on hard times, he was treated with a cold shoulder.



  1. All along since 2010 what was he doing not to take Bobi to court if it had pain him so much? And another Qtn what has he achieved since he left fire base if it was the best choice ?, Butchaman is a failure who was depending on others , that is what we all know from where we are , so let him shut up and carry on with what he is doing than spoiling votes for bobi wine. It is high time he should learn to stay and talk when necessary. Those are personal wait for Bobi after votes . Am from Busia but i feel bad for his fake accusations . not because i like Bobi but from my few of point.

  2. “I don’t give them a reason to hate me,but they create their own drama out of pure jealousy ”

    Comrade Buchman has a right to campaign for a person of his choice but should just avoid “hate,jealousy” in politics.
    thank u