I will walk with my head high- Angela Kalule

I will walk with my head high- Angela Kalule


By Kampala Sun writer
Singer Angela Kalule has vowed to ‘walk with her head high’ and put the issues of her private video behind her.
This follows a directive by Ethics and Integrity State Minister Fr Simon Lokodo to have the Katikitiki singer brought to book if it is indeed true she leaked the video that scandalised sections of the public.
Angela Kalule made vow while appearing on Capital FM’s Big Breakfast show with Oulanyah and Jackie Lumbasi on Monday morning where she denies it is a stunt aimed at inadvertently promoting her yet-to-be released songs.
Her radio appearance follows a lengthy explanation on social media where she also apologized.
“I take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who was offended by the circulation of private media. None of it was intended for public view and the invasion of privacy is therein offensive. I hold my head high and I will go about my responsibilities as a dutiful fiancée mother and singer,” she wrote.
Interestingly, as was the case when the video was first leaked, Angela Kalule continues to divide opinion.
Whereas some callers on radio fault her for ‘not showing the whole thing’ and not going fully explicit others, especially women are crediting her for giving them invaluable tips on how to keep the fire burning in long distance relationships. Some think she is up to stunts, hence the reason to rush to radio.
“Angela you are very talented, beautiful and have a great voice. Don’t let go of the vava voom in your marriage, people need to realise that one has to keep the fire burning all the time in their marriages by doing kinky stuff and if a sexy video for the one you love is it then hell yeah. Go girl,” a one Martha observed
The doubters were aplenty. “ How can you hold a smart phone minus any security lock say as password, pin or pattern, I think it’s a stunt, there’s something you want to promote ,prove me wrong,” a one Simon Peter remarked.