Renah Nalumansi dumped

Renah Nalumansi dumped


By Ronnie Twinamasiko
Renah Nalumansi lost her star power. She has been struggling to recover it in vain, what’s worse, she is losing more battles, with the latest being in the romance department. The Kampala Sun has caught wind of information that the singer has been dumped by her new boyfriend, Dan Rogers, only few months since they started consorting.

A source who preferred anonymity says Rogers is a Musummer who only wanted to have a little fun rather a serious relationship.

Back Again? NBS TV’s Justin Bas recently went separate ways after Renah Nalumansi confirmed romance with another man

“Renah thought the relationship was heading somewhere oblivious of Roger’s ill motives. He only wanted to dive between her legs and make away, and that’s exactly what he did. She is heart-broken,” a source tells us.

The source adds that Renah is trying to get back to her erstwhile boyfriend, Justin Bas, who also doubled as her manager. At the time of their break up, they were preparing to share nuptial vows. Their relationship was cut short when Rogers happened. He promised dollars and a good life outside countries.

Bas and Renah were spotted together at a clinic in Kismementi over the weekend.

“Renah’s kid was bitten by a snake, and she is using the situation to get Bas back. He called him to help her with the bills and all,” a source relayed.