Afrigo band lands Benrich deal

Afrigo band lands Benrich deal


Afrigo Band will be performing at Ben Rich starting 20th July

Afrigo band lands Benrich deal.
By Alex Balimwikungu
In a quest to retain the tag of a first class corporate hangout joint, Ben Rich Bar and Lounge on the Kisasi-Kyanja conurbation has signed on the famous Afrigo band.
The hangout, patronised by clients with disposable income had added Uganda’s most popular Band, the Afrigo band on its weekly menu.
Patrons at Ben Rich dance during a previous Afrigo Band performance

News coming from there indicates that management of the bar and the band put pen to paper on a deal that would see the band perform there every Third Friday of the month.
According to Moses Tusuubira (Mosh Mulla) marketer and emcee of Ben Rich, having the Afrigo Band is a massive upgrade in their portfolio because many of their patrons are discerning and demand value for money.

Moses Matovu is expected to serenade revelers with his sax and voice

“We are presently riding high on live band themed nights and having the Afrigo band on our threshold is a step in the right direction,” he said adding that the band’s live debut performance at Benrich Lounge is on Friday on 20th July/2017