MP Abiriga denies child, court orders DNA

MP Abiriga denies child, court orders DNA


By Robert Ariaka
Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Ibrahim Abiriga’s ill-fitting yellow suit, yellow shoes, yellow tie, yellow cap and a yellow shirt have made him a name.
Whereas some people have branded him a clown, who is so obsessed with the NRM party, finds time for other things. The “Yellow Man” is being accused of an off side romp which resulted in the birth of a child. Whereas he insists that the talk is the work of his enemies, the magistrates have other ideas.
The grade one magistrate court Arua has ordered for a DNA test to determine the true father of a child alleged to have been fathered by Arua Municipality MP Ibrahim Abiriga.

Judith Inzikuru shedding tears seated at Arua Court Premises with the baby boy

The case appeared on Tuesday at the chambers and Magistrate Maurine Mukoya could not proceed after Abiriga’s lawyer Jimmy Madira demand for a DNA test before proceeding with the case hearing.
Court then ordered for a DNA test and adjourned the case to appear on August 18 when the DNA result will be opened and declared in the presence of the parties.
Magistrate Mukoya said in the event that, the DNA result proves a case, and then they will proceed with the hearing since the woman applied for maintenance and custody of the child.
abiriga cut out
MP Abiriga was not present in court while Judith Inzikuru the mother of Ibrahim Hamza were present in court and represented by Barbra Beatrice Angufiru the legal officer FIDA Uganda.
MP Abiriga in an earlier telephone interview with The Kampala Sun said the best way to solve this case is through DNA test to determine the paternity of the child.
Abiriga however said his position is to first conduct DNA test and if it turns to be that he is the father of Ibrahim Hamza the alleged child, then he will be able to take care of the child on court orders but not marrying the mother.
Abiriga however confirmed having a relationship with Judith Inzikuru, the mother of Ibrahim Hamza but continued to deny fathering the child.
“What I know is there is no case, it’s only my opponents who are trying to push the woman to soil my political career. According to Abiriga the said child is three years and not one year and 11 months as claimed by the mother.
I had a relationship with Inzikuru when I was still the RDC Arua before I was transferred to Yumbe. By the time I went to my new duty station, our relationship was over. Now I want court to permit us to conduct a DNA test and I am confident I will put her and the machines to shame,” He revealed.
Inzikuru says that Abiriga only gave her sh50,000 when president Museveni visited Gulu.

Abiriga is adamant he has been supporting Inzikuru. “That woman (Inzikuru) has a phone number which she should hand over to police to get a print out on how much support I have given her. I was sending her money,” he revealed.
He recalls giving her sh500,000 at one time. “There was a time at night in Hotel Desert Breeze when I gave her Sh100, 000 to buy clothes and another sh 150,000 plus sh250, 000 for house rent. How does she then claim I am not supporting her? She has tarnished my name into stopping to give assistance,” he recalls.
Abiriga continues: “The last support I gave her was in April 2017 when she claimed the child is admitted only to discover the child was not sick and the woman was extorting money.
I was just helping the woman on humanitarian grounds knowing that, the child doesn’t belong to me. If the DNA clearly proves the child is mine, and court orders me to take responsibility, I will not take care of the child properly like my real child since it’s not from my heart Abiriga said.
A teary Inzikuru brands Abiriga a pathological liar. She claims he only expended support when he gave her sh50,000 when President Museveni was in Arua for campaigns. Even though he (Abiriga) agreed to give her sh200,000 monthly, he honoured it for two months and stopped in December 2016.
“He stopped picking my calls and often times handed over the phone to unknown people who would insult me. What I want is Abiriga should pay for me rent, buy food, and provide money for medication and clothing and for the maintenance of the child,” she cries.
She is seeking for sh500, 000 monthly maintenance for their child. The case resumes on August 18, when the DNA result will be disclosed to pave way for court proceedings.