Uganda Rugby Cranes kicked out of hotel

Uganda Rugby Cranes kicked out of hotel


By Julius Senyimba
Uganda Rugby Union is in hot soup once again as their stars have been kicked out of Nob View Hotel where the team had camped prior to tomorrow’s encounter up against defending champions Namibia.
Rugby and financial issues for years has proven a marriage of for better or worse and this will shock a few following the sport. The tie which is a must win to get one step closer to the championship will see our players shaking of the embarrassment of being bounced at a two star hotel.

The Cranes players were embarrassed with barely 24 hours to their do or die encounter against Namibia.

Whether this will affect their performance tomorrow, that is a topic for another day but record has it that they put up a spirited fight whenever faced with hardships.
NIle Brewewries’ Brand manager Francis Nyende said, “We have only just heard of the situation and as sponsor, we work with URU to whom we have met our commitments but are still going to reach out to see if there’s anything we can do to assist the game go forward. We ask everyone to be supportive of the Uganda Rugby Cranes as they are putting in a spirited display and flying our colours proudly.”
Union Chairman Ramsey Olinga wasn’t readily available for comment.
Last week, the head coach of Tunisia’s national rugby team was unhappy with the standards at Nob View Hotel ahead of their Africa Rugby Gold Cup tie against Uganda
In an interview Hedi Mohamedali said it is such a shame to accommodate them at such a bad hotel. “The noise is alot and the e environment is poor. I have asked the Uganda Rugby Union for a change, but they are not bothered,” added the coach.