Slay Queens fail to slay at Space Lounge

Slay Queens fail to slay at Space Lounge


By Musa Ssemwanga

The slang Slay Queen is as annoying as the victims; Kampala’s slay queens. It is matched with polio-like patients forcing hips, flower girls with heavy make up on social Media slaying like queens. They have also been considered vital however irrelevant they are.


Last night, Space Lounge had a party in honor of these lost sheep dubbed ‘Super Saturday’ Slay edition that was hosted by Mc Kats.

At this party, girls were expected to ‘Slay’ like certified slay queens dressed in designer labels and much more close to that but a few managed.

One of the Queens that turned up

Later it turned out to be a concert with Mc Percy, Deejays Mercy and E mixing the crowd’s favorite songs before singers Navio, Fefe Busi, Tip Swizzy, Babarita, Chosen, Bruno K and others performed.​ These performances covered the gap when the so called queens failed to pull off Organizers’ expectations.

Navio performing

The event in pictures……