Uganda Waragi throws maiden house party

Uganda Waragi throws maiden house party


By Musa Ssemwanga
When Uganda Waragi launched a three-month long dubbed the UG Mix Maestro last month, the brand manager Roy Tumwizere revealed that they would spice things up by throwing house parties.

revellers danced as UG took its toll

The first one was hosted at Jean Biryahwaho Nzonzi’s house in Kamwokya on saturday night where she and her friends were treated to an all Uganda Waragi cocktail night laced with loud music, food and dancing.
The spirits were high as the night drew on

To host a UG Maestro house party, one is supposed to participate in the ongoing social Media challenge by posting a picture of themselves with any Uganda Waragi bottle in all quantities.
‘I followed those procedures that run on the Uganda Waragi Social Media Platforms and I was lucky enough to come up with the most likes and the party was thrown for me, “she bragged
Jean Biryahwaho Nzonzi takes a selfie with the guest DJ

However, according to the organisers, some house parties will be won from bar and supermarket activations with an aim of getting winners from different regions of the country.
Friends share a joke at the party

At Jean’s home were her rich kid friends; the kind who act like they were weaned on Mojitos and canapes. They however acquired a Uganda Waragi taste as the night drew on and gulped all in sight.