Shukuli and Kanywanyi wanted by Uganda police

Shukuli and Kanywanyi wanted by Uganda police



Earlier this year, reports of women missing had heightened. And though eventually curbed by the Uganda Police, a few cases of women missing have occasionally sprouted. And while there are several, the cases of Munkangango Shukuli (30) and Yusuf Kanywanyi were rather peculiar.

In early August 2015, Munkangango Shukuli was reported missing. According to the reports that were circulated in the different Whatsapp groups, she was last seen around Old Kampala, Gaddafi Mosque. Around the same time, her brother Yusuf Kanywanyi, who was being contacted by friends, family and relatives about her whereabouts, also went AWOL. After a week, he too was reported missing. A situation that evoked panic in Kampala, and the different suburbs where their relatives lived.

The wanted notice where they appeared

According to sources around Gadaffi Mosque in Old Kampala, there was something amiss about the state of Shukuli the last time she was seen at the mosque.

“She was not just weary. She was scared. She was clearly hiding something, and had this overwhelming paranoia. Almost like she’d been threatened. It looked like someone was watching her and she knew it. I am not surprised that she went missing after that. Her mistake was, however, not confiding in anyone,” recounted a Boda Boda man who occasionally gave Shukuli rides and was friends with her.

It is for that reason that it was a shocking revelation when the two appeared on the Police’s Wanted radar months later. A wanted list that made its way to various media houses had the two siblings announced as wanted.

The two had been reported for cases of theft and moral misconduct under the files; Sd ref: 05/15TH August/ 2018 (Mukangango Shukuli) and SD ref 05/ 15th / August 2018. Yet even when their names and pictures were distributed to the media, one has reported their whereabouts.

They two have continued to appear on different ‘Wanted Lists’ across the country, a stance that prompted police to launch a fresh search plan!