FOMO: Thousands throng Jinja for Nyege Nyege International music festival

FOMO: Thousands throng Jinja for Nyege Nyege International music festival


A performer crowns the act on day three of the festival

BY Donald Kiirya
THOUSANDS of music lovers thronged Nile Discovery Resort in Jinja to enjoy marvelous performances from international artists at the third edition of the Nyege Nyege International Music Festival.
Unlike the first and second editions that had two stages, this third one had three stages which included a huge one for general performances, another for tecno and electronic dances and the third for Reggae lovers.
skimpily addressed fans arrive for the festival

On Friday when the festival begun, revelers were seen queuing at the gate to the three-day event that attracted 300 international and local artists.
Sound providers were readying themselves for artists to kick off with performances as vendors too were seen drenched in a flurry of activities, offloading their merchandise from delivery vans and erecting tents to serve revelers their best.
The aroma of roast meat (muchomo) attracted revelers as they walked towards the venue for the festival mainly sponsored by Bell larger.
Security was tightened during the event that ended Sunday to check entrants at gates. UPDF soldiers were also camped around the area to guard those who arrived for camping activities too.
Performances begun with Nilotica dancing group taking the day’s thumbs-up from revelers who enjoyed their vigorous traditional dances on stage. Other artists performed in the night.

On Saturday, festival-goers were already at the dancing floor by 9:00am.
Though a heavy down pour occurred, many had to brave it by dancing in the rain and they lifted their bottles of wine and beer high in air.
Though the weather was miserable, many festival-goers were spotted wearing wellies and novelty rain ponchos as they braved the mud.
Some groups of young women were spotted enjoying fairground rides, drinking and dancing, as international artists performed.
Nearby the second stage where electronic and Hip-hop music was being played, a flame-juggler delighted the crowds as she juggled two flaming batons.

Singer Maro performed at the 3-day festival

Most of other musicians also performed day and night and the event organized annually was aimed at showcasing the diversity of music that is boiling through various underground music scenes across Africa including regional premiers.
Nyege Nyege- a Luganda phrase is the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance.
On Sunday was the climax of the festival as revelers enjoyed.
Some revelers were dressed in art pieces and were seen wiggling their waists so energetically and in all angles and couples were also visibly seen cuddling and kissing each other.

Romance and Beer were in the air

Some Rastafarians were seen smoking bangi along the shores of River Nile at the resort and swimming in the waters as the enjoyed the cool breeze from the river.
Almost everything was on sale at the festival which included traditional attire, caps, art pieces and food stuffs like the truly Ugandan rolex and all brands of drinks.
The RnB Kyabazinga, Ronald Magada a.k.a Maro also made a captivating performance that attracted revelers to crowd in front of the stage and sing along with him as he performed.

Maro served them with some of his best songs which included Mubi bubi, Nziranago, Rising Star and Kambwoine among others.
There were performances from Reniss, Jovi, Cruel Boyz, Jowaa, Singeli showcase, Dj Marcelle, Spooky-J (UK), Nihiloxica, Harmonious Thelonious, Kalbata, Ninis Du Brasil, Peter Power, Umoja, Dj NK, Symbiz, Samedia Shebeen, Contours (UK), Bbrave, Moto Kiatu Djs and Moxie from UK.

Others included; Fonkodelis Arkestra (UG), Ennaga Vision, Nilotica Ensemble, Albert Ssempeke and Buganda Music Ensemble, Nakibembe Xylophone Troupe, Kalalu Cultural group, Damdanda Kadodi performers, Maata and group, Tontoma, Susan Kerunen, Dj Kampire, Ras Clan Internationalo Ska Face (UK), Dj Rachael, Dj Crisio and Latinum among others. –