Why Coach Moses Basena deserves Uganda Cranes job.

Why Coach Moses Basena deserves Uganda Cranes job.


By Joseph Kiwanuka

As we look back on an emotional Uganda cranes 0-1 Egypt loss in Alexandria, ideas of the most encouraging, brave and genuine sportsmen started to torrent the scene.
Emotions in football are like sand in the desert, but that’s not what has us craving.
Yearning African teams aren’t afraid to fire their coaches or managers in times of negative results especially from the must win games.
Often times, this is simply done to send a message. But does it actually make the team better?
Here, we look at four reasons why cranes interim Moses Basena, should be with the team and not a foreign coach even though his interim task came to an end after completing the two headers he was assigned.

1. He knows some bit of football

Basena might not be a Professional coach at national level like he is at club level, but he has 21 years of experience as a coach (1996-up to date) and knows some bit of football.
“I think I am, right for football, right for saving or wining and I think I know some bit of football” Basena said in a previous interview with The Kampala sun.
Spectators are the best football players. But One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than 50 preaching it.

Cranes coach Moses Basena conducting at Namboole (Photo By Joseph Kiwanuka).

2. Local coaches perform better than foreigners

The desire to bring in a foreigner has already been criticised by many Ugandans who have seen local coaches deliver in poor working conditions and uncertainty. African coaches have recorded success for their national teams proving no match for ranting foreigners.
Uganda`s greatest football mile stone in Arica Nations Cup record was written by local coach Peter Okee in 1978 when the Cranes lost to Ghana in the Nations Cup finals
1978 in Argentina, Tunisia won the first ever African world cup finals after thumping Mexico 3-1 under the Chetali Abdel a local coach.

Cranes coach (L) and his technical staff of Matia Lule and Ibrahim Ssekagya in the (C) PLUS Goal eeping Coach Fred Kajoba (Photo By Joseph Kiwanuka).

3. FUFA can afford the money to keep him

Local coaches are cheap and easy to manage. Unlike his foreign former boss, contract rebel ‘Micho’ who terminated his contract with FUFA for a cited $54000 arrears. Basena seems satisfied with the little he is getting.
“Payment wise, I think so far so good with what I get from FUFA for now” added the Buikwe born.
From receiving training and match allowances in his interim period, I don’t think Basena can ask for an abnormal fee of about $10.000 plus which will force FUFA to shatter his hopes of being a national team manager or call upon government support for failed monthly clearances when employed permanently.
”It’s time therefore; the government comes up to support (financially) Magogo noted one month ago after Federation failure to clear ‘Micho’ arrears.
What makes something special is not just what you have to gain, but what you feel there is to lose.

Moses Basena (Left) with Ahmed Hussein during the press conference at Mengo

4. The technical team and players like him

It is evident enough that Basena has won over the national team player`s and technical team`s emotions. Fred Kajoba, Ibrahim Ssekagya and Matia Lule have all heaped praises on the services of their interim boss.
It’s a pleasure that I am going to be part of this great revolution in Ugandan football, it’s the first in a while that a Ugandan is at the helm of local football” as quoted by PML Daily.

We all know that Most of the times it is the fault of the manager. He is the one to play tactics, to decide player’s position, to select starting XI and who to bring out when the game is not going his way.
There are always some new emerging talented managers in line to grab the opportunities. But when players decide to take on the blame, it’s a different story.
This means, players are eager to see him healthy and permanent. Luwaga told The Kampala sun that he is to have his best cranes time Under Basena and not only him, cranes skipper Onyango took on the blame after the emotional away loss in Egypt Alexandria
“As a captain and last line of defence, I had to make a lot of saves to keep my team in the game though they scored off a rebound” noted Onyango, in a self-blaming tone shortly after the game.
This clearly shows that cranes skipper and his fellow team mates are not ready to say farewell to Basena.
Burkhard Pape – 1969-1972,David Otti – 1973-1974,Westerhoff Otto – 1974-1975,Peter Okee – 1976-1981,Bidandi Ssali- 1982, Peter Okee – 1983,George Mukasa- 1984-1985,Barnabas Mwesiga- 1986-1988,Robert Kiberu – 1988-1989,Polly Ouma – 1989-1995,Timorthy Ayieko – 1995-1996,Asuman Lubowa – 1996-1999,Paul Hasule- 199,Harrison Okagbue 1999-2001,Paul Hasule- 2001-2003,Pedro Pasculli- 2003,Leo Adraa- 2003-2004,Mike Mutebi- 2004,Mohammed Abbas- 2004-2006,Laszlo Csaba- 2006-2008,Bobby Williamson- 2008-2013,Mulitin Siredojovic- 2013-2017 and now Moses Basena on an expired interim basis waiting upon FUFA decision.