Photos: Club Dome thrills at IUEA

Photos: Club Dome thrills at IUEA


By Musa Ssemwanga
The Club Dome returned with a bang on Friday evening with the gig stop held at International University of East Africa (IUEA).

Apeman fired up the crowds

Since its inception, the Club dome project, under the flagship of Club beer, continues to etch among the University crowds. It operates under a simple idea reminiscent of high school kadankes. – A massive tent, a well-lit stage, deejay decks, performers and various fridges loaded with lots of beer.
Irene Ntale thrilled the students woth her “Go Down” song

On Friday, the Dome attracted hordes of university students who stormed IUEA parking lot for the fun-filled evening. They made the sh10,000 entrance fee appear like pocket change.
Ceserous acted shy when nudged by the ecstatic crowd

The first performer to hit stage was the little known Ray heavens from the Gifted Music Group(GMG) followed by Grenade, Gift of Khaddo who warmed up the stage and crowds for the bigger artists on the night.

The highlight of the evening was when Irene Ntale stepped on stage at around 11pm, driving the crowd into a frenzy. She thrilled the audience with some of her hit singles that included “Kyolowoza”, “Gwe Aliko”, and “He Go Down” .
Other artistes that put up a memorable performance included Ykee Benda, Latinum and Ceaserous.

The DJ’s also enjoyed cult status and DJ Apeman made a meal of the famed DJ Dash, DJ Roja & Slick Stuart.
Club Dome is an event targeting University students and it will be headed to Mbarara next in late October.