I’ve never aborted -Baby Gloria

I’ve never aborted -Baby Gloria


By Emmanuel Luganda
Gloria Mulungi Senyonjo commonly known as Baby Gloria has hit at haters who have been spreading false rumours that she is pregnant.
The Sixteen year old Baby Gloria while appearing on a local TV lashed at haters calling them evil who are being driven by satanic influence.

Baby Gloria has lashed out at her critics who claimed she aborted

She revealed that she has never been pregnant and will settle when the right time comes.
“That rumour started circulating when I was in P.7 imagine. I have never aborted as they alleged,” A grown up Gloria revealed.
She also dismissed the false allegations that her endorsement with Movit Products was cancelled.
“I Am still the Ambassador of Movit and I am paid monthly. My contract is still on,” Gloria added.
She insisted that she is still under the custody of her parents who can’t let her to be spoilt at an early age.