Who wanted Danz Kumapeesa Dead?

Who wanted Danz Kumapeesa Dead?


By Ronnie Twinamasiko
Until few months ago, Danz Kumapesa real names, Dan Mukisa was a low-key music producer going about his job in Makindye, a Kampala suburb. He dabbled through various music studios in pursuit for a break. He was lucky with Winnie Nwagi’s Magic, a track he mastered last year. It got him a name and brought with it the promise that his star was going to shine. His world, however, turned upside down when thugs attacked him at his house about three months.
He had been bedridden at Nsambya Hospital until he sadly died on Saturday morning.
The question that lingers is.. why was Dan a loner thumped in such a gruesome style?
According to Usher Kajja, a receptionist at Jah Live music studio where Dan was working at the time of attack, they have no clues yet.

Music fans and fans pay their last respects to Danz Kumapeesa at National Theatre

Danz Kumapeesa was described as a loner who never involved with women
“I think only Dan can tell, but what we are sure of is that his attackers really wanted to kill him. They left thinking they had accomplished their mission,” says Usher.
“It was early morning when a boda guy came telling me at the studio that something bad had happened to Dan. I sent the boys immediately to go fetch him. The thieves took with them his phone and money but not much else. It is clear their main target was him,” she adds.
Plenty of buzz concerning the cause of his attack has been going on playing about varying accounts.
Work prostitution
Danz kicked off his career from J-power records where he worked with Joze Pro the owner of the studio. He however strayed to other studios within Makindye something some people believe did not sit well with Joze Pro. One source claims that Joze could have masterminded his former employees beating to punish him for taking away his clients. Jah Live’s Usher however says Dan was introduced to them by Joze himself.
“We did not know him. Joze brought him to us and said he was a good so we employed him. I highly doubt whether they had any bad blood,” Usher said.
Another source alleges that the beating could have been plotted by another music producer, Ricky Expendables who was reportedly fired and replaced with Danz. Disgruntled, Ricky is claimed to have decided to go the evil route.
Singer Bebe Cool was among the artistes who led a fundraiser drive to save the producer’s life

Usher however dismisses the claim, “We always have a number of producers here. We do not fire to bring in others. What we do is growing the number, but many times many fall off the knit,”
When contacted Ricky said he is not the type to plot such a beating. “I am a humble person. I can do such a thing. Dan and I were very good friends. Myself I am nursing wounds currently because I was beaten not long ago. I do not know who is beating producers. I think something sinister is going on,” he said.
Relationship with Rema
It is alleged by some sources that Dan and local artiste Rema Namakula were having an affair, but under the carpet. That word moved around and reached Rema’s fiancée, Kenzo who could have reacted by plotting Danz’ beating.
Although a close friend of Danz says he had a girlfriend, Usher says for the time he worked at Jah Live (about 3 months) he was not the kind who eyed the skirts.
“Dan gave most of attention to his work. He is hard working and many artistes love him. We are praying that he heals and returns because a lot of work is pending here. He was a great addition to the Jah Live family. We miss him,”
According to friends, Dan lived alone.
Dan survives food poisoning
At Nsambya hospital Kisakye says there are people who tried to poison his son. “They came in my absence alleging that they are his brothers but the doctors were cautious. They asked to describe me but they could not so the doctors sent them packing. I think someone is after my son’s life,” she said.
Dan is 22 years old. According to his mother, Danz passion for music started to manifest when he was 8 years old. He played the guitar in church later getting a job in a studio.
He is a twin.