Zari defies Diamond Platinumz

Zari defies Diamond Platinumz


By Ronnie Twinamasiko
Zari has today announced she is going to hold the Zari All White Party come December 21. And this could be yet another sign that her relationship with Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platinumz is gone history. At the peak of their romance about a year ago, rumour emerged that Diamond had told his baby mama off the parties. Word was that Diamond wanted her to concentrate on raising their two children among other wifely duties.

Zari has announced that she will be back with the All-White Party

The Zari All White was last held in 2015. Before then, it was a big thing on the Kampala social calendar since its birth in 2012. The celebrated socialite had gone ahead to expand her horizons staging the parties in Kenya and Tanzania.
It should also be recalled that Diamond Platinumz performed at her last event at club Guvnor.
The pair has since portrayed a perfect picture of an ideal celebrity couple, but that ended recently when Diamond strayed away from Zari’s arms to sire a child with Hamisa Mobetto. Mobetto is famously known for her role in Diamond’s music video, Salome, in which she plays vixen.

Zari and Diamond during the happier times

Diamond admitted to have cheated on Zari during an interview on a radio station in Tanzania. He publicly asked for forgiveness from the socialite and swore never to let her go. The two were later seen in celebratory moods at Zari’s recent birthday party in South Africa. The video which was posted by Zari’s friends somehow cast the impression that the couple were sticking together.
However things spun to a different side when Zari deleted pictures in which she appears with Diamond from her Instagram few days after the birthday. The act has been assessed as a sign that Zari is writing off the relationship completely.
She recently relayed on her SnapChat that she was never going to give any validation to any man again.
“No more validation of guys on social media only to make you look like a fool,” read a caption she posted again a picture.