Tycoon Bryan White impersonator arrested

Tycoon Bryan White impersonator arrested


By Alex Balimwikungu
A man suspected of impersonating city tycoon Bryan White (Brian Kirumira) has today been arrested in Salaama, a city suburb.
Michael Kirabira, was arrested and taken to Katwe Police after he falsely gave media interviews how he was a brother to Bryan White, a tycoon who has found overnight fame for dishing out money in town.

Brian Kirabira was arrested after wrngly purporting to be tycoon Bryan White’s brother. He is at Katwe Police station

In his heart rending story sold to the media, Kirabira claimed they were blood brothers and accused Bryan white of ignoring him and their ailing mother who is struggling to make ends meet in the village. He also claimed that their mother, Jane Nabaweesi sold their land and livestock to see to it that Bryan White flew abroad to eke a living.
He was shocked that the tycoon was spending on the wrong people at the expense of family and claiming his mother died in 1997.
Bryan white shows a framed portrait of his late mother Gladys Nassazi. He denied knowledge of Jane Nabaweesi, his purported mother

It was after Kirabira’s arrest that he confessed about his well-orchestrated ploy to receive money from Bryan White, who he claims, was a friend with whom they grew up in Salaama in Makindye division.
“Please forgive me. I am not his blood brother. I went to the media out of despair. I have tried endless times to get to him but failed… I wanted to get his attention so he could help me just like he has done for many youth,” Kirabira cried out in the presence of Siraj Bakaleke, the Kampala Metropolitan South Police commander
A visibly incensed Bryan White produced a framed photograph of his late mother Gladys Nassazi, who he says passed on in 1997 and was buried in Kimaanya, Busunju. He (Bryan White) denied knowledge of a one Jane Nabaweesi, his purported neglected mother.
“I’m shocked someone can fabricate lies like this. I don’t know whether he is working alone or for some people who are after tarnishing my name. I trust the Police to investigate this matter to a logical conclusion,” Bryan White revealed.
Kirabira later confessed that ever since Bryan White started making headlines, people often claimed they look alike. He pounced on the chance to make a quick buck.
“The truth is that we are not related. He is born in Mityana and I was born in Butambala. I did this in a desperate attempt to get to him because we grew up on the same village,” he pleaded.
Although Kirabira tried to kneel and plead asking for forgiveness, it was to no avail. “These are youth who hate to work and give those in leadership, especially the president a bad name. This unfortunate incident echoes what Gen. Salim Saleh told me about youths who yearn for quick money yet they hate working,”
The RPC Kampala South Hajji Siraje Bakaleke confirmed Kirabira’s arrest and revealed that they are going to further investigate his intentions.