Wiz kid Kampala concert on again

Wiz kid Kampala concert on again

Nigerian singer Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun (WizKid) has promised Ugandans two free shows on December 7

By Joan Murungi
The on-off Kampala concert of Nigerian singer WizKid, seems to be on again with the singer determined to make it up to Ugandans for a failed 2016 concert.
The singer who had promised to make it up to Ugandans after he cancelled his much-anticipated show on the last minute in December last year has finally set a date for the show.
This comes days after he revealed that he would perform at every show he had previously missed even if he had to pay out of his pocket.
“Making it back to everywhere I missed. Even if I have to make it happen from my own pocket! Will make it up to all my fans.” He said.
The singer has revealed that he will perform in Uganda on Thursday, December 7.
The following developments come after a warrant of arrest was issued against him following his cancellation of a concert in which 25,000 fans had reportedly paid for tickets for the Lugogo cricket Oval show.
“Between 29th August 2016 and 29th November 2016, our client (Face TV) paid to Mr Sunday Are, Wizkid’s manager the full performance fee of US$60,000 (approx. UGX. 217,716000) , a brokerage fee of US$5,000 (approx. UGX. 18,144,000) and US$3,000 ( approx. UGX. 10,887,342) being per diem for the days they were going to stay in Uganda,” a section of the warrant read.

“I am doing free shows in Uganda this year. Two days free to make up for last time,” Wizkid announced through his Twitter handle this week, but to a big backlash.
However, Ugandans are of a different opinion; some fans don’t want him to set foot here.

“We moved on. Come with your own audience,” someone commented.