Roger Mugisha has never cheated on me in 4 years-wife

Roger Mugisha has never cheated on me in 4 years-wife


By Kampala Sun writer
Just last week, Second Chance TV series Casanova Roger Mugisha was linked to an on-set romance with fellow actress, Stella Nantumbwe (Ellah).
The tabloid claimed that Mugisha, a famed ladies’ man on and off the screen was seen kissing Ellah the Big Brother Africa representative in full view.
If the story was intended to unsettle Mugisha’s bride of four years, Shiba Nassali, it strengthened her resolve. She has come out to defend Mugisha, the father of her daughter claiming he has never cheated on her in the four years they’ve been together.

Roger Mugisha and fiancee Shiba Nassali have been growing strong over the past four years

In a long post on Tuesday, Shiba Richards declared undying love for Roger Mugisha whom she met four years ago.
Shiba posted; “Roger Mugisha, Four years ago you came into my life and swept me totally off my feet, damn I fell in love!!! And you gave me more reason to fall in love with you over and over again!!!! A year later you proposed to me and asked me to marry you and be your wifey!!!! I didn’t want anything less so every sense of me said YES!!!! A few months later, on this exact day in 2015, Sir Rich blessed the union and you became his second son!!!!
Exactly one year later, we welcomed our little gem; our sweet daughter; the most beautiful human being I had ever seen!!!! The story is yet to be complete!! But in this, I thank you for the love, the support, the companionship and all!!! Happy 2nd anniversary Superman!! I love you so much and I always will!!! May The Almighty bless us with many more years filled with blessings forever and ever!!!!!

Mugisna and Shiba at a recent function at Kampala Serena Hotel

• How Shiba tamed ‘playboy’ Roger Mugisha
Roger Mugisha’s list of lady conquests is dizzying. At one time, his sex appeal was so electrifying; he shared a roof with three women, each carrying his child!
That 40 year old Mugisha is a consummate flirt is indisputable. The list of those to whom he has been linked reads like a Who’s Who of female personalities.
From Sharon Mazowe, Maureen Mbabazi, Grace Lunkuse, Chloe Asiimwe, Haddy Sengo, and many more, the conquests have provided gossip columns with a cartload of fodder. From this impressive list, none though has developed into a lasting relationship.
In 2015, Mugisha caught many off guard when he visited the parents of then 24 year old girl; many thought would just be one of the many to cross his path.
After the Kuhingira in Ruharo Mbarara, he paid the equivalent of 12 Friesians to Shiba Nassali’s as bride price and although they talked up a wedding the following year, it is yet to happen.
Just how did a 24 year old who doesn’t really fit Mugisha’s archetypical, slim svelte and socialite lady, beat them all? How did she tame Kampala’s biggest Casanova? What mettle is she made of that made her sail through the Kamyufu in preparation for being the official Mrs Mugisha?

Mugisha and Ellah on set of the TV drama Second Chance.

The Kampala Sun spoke to Shiba who admits it wasn’t really a hard task transforming Mugisha from his play boy days.
She believes that at the time they first met 4 year ago, he was well on his way to change his Casanova past and doesn’t think their impending marriage shouldn’t be treated any different from others out there because they are just a normal couple next door.
“I’ve never dated a Casanova, but a kind, honest and loving man. I’ve never struggled to make him commit to the relationship. The chemistry was natural and we have always acted normal just like any couple. Besides making me feel attractive and special, I’ve always told that he is real with me. The introduction was his idea, I’m happy he sees that value in me,” she starts.
The 25 year old Bachelor of Arts in Education (MUK) graduate goes cryptic when pressed for finer details.
“For every Adam there is a rib. I guess I was his missing rib and when he found it, he fell in love and commitment came naturally,” she purrs.
Then the catch: She reckons he is the best person he has ever known or dated before. She paints a picture of a man so calm and down to earth; one whose biggest weakness is even caring for strangers who often take him for granted.
“He takes care and protects me with everything he has. And above he is so respectful to everyone. He respects and loves my family. He takes my sisters and my father as his own. He is the best man I have ever known,”
Although Mugisha is not really famed for having the kind of money that jingles, he nodded in approval at the bride price of 12 Friesians, each valued at sh2m. He is from Ankole and knows exactly what the culture demands; she defends the clan’s stance.
Shiba is vouching for Roger to bring all his children under one roof so she can perfect her parenting skills before she has her own babies. She has met most of them and claims she has no problem with his other children.
“I have no problem with babies and I love his sons to bits. I accepted anything knowing that he has kids. I would love to give him as many babies as my body can permit because I have always dreamed a home full of children,” she explains.
Interestingly, she claims that none of Mugisha’s baby mamas or ex-girlfriends has come in to disturb this blossoming love story. It is the secret admirers who bombard her with hate mail.
She instead blames Mugisha’s the secret admirers for trying too much. “My man is so particular. If you show him you are trying too much to get his attention and affection, he will ignore you. I never went to him. He chose me and by the way, don’t be mistaken. He is the lucky one not me, Things just happened and our bond grows stronger each day,”
Shiba insists she is real true to what she is. “I am real and true to what I am and so is he. We are free open and frank to each other and try to lead as normal a life as possible,”
In 2014, Ebonies actress, Hadijjah Ssengooba, threatened to release Mugisha’s nudes when he failed to reciprocate her crush on him. She claimed they had a relationship going for one year but she walked out on him after she discovered he was a two-timing cheat. The incident sucked in Shiba Nassali, who then vowed she wouldn’t rest until she became the next Mrs Mugisha, regardless of what is said about him.
Shiba then claimed that Roger always told her about his other relationships but has never mentioned Ssengo.
“I don’t know Roger to deny relationships or flings. Now that he has committed to me, I’m optimistic it will all be a thing of the past” She assures.
When contacted, Roger Mugisha gave off a curt one liner. “People feel they know me because of my past but no one knows what I have grown into,” he said.