Don Bahati gives tycoon Bryan White ultimatum

Don Bahati gives tycoon Bryan White ultimatum


By Nicholas Oneal
Ugandan born and Zambian businessman and city socialite Don Bahati Lubega has vowed silence showy tycoon Bryan White who is making rounds the city right now giving out dollars.

Don Bahati reveals that Bryan White should reveal the source of his money

“Let me him have his last supper but the moment the Kings of December arrive he will carry for us our travel bags”, Don Bahat promised Brian White.
Don who deals in construction businesses, night clubs and hotels mainly operating in South Africa has set to honour the name of the late Don Ssemwanga come December.
Don Bahati has vowed to make it rain in December

Bahati a former football player has set December 28th to be crowned as the new president of the Dons with the Money and Power themed party in Guvnor. “It is going to me massive. We shall separate the boys from the men as far as money power is concerned,” he bragged.
Bryan White (extreme left) partying with Jose Chameleone and Weasel at Fusion Auto Spa recently

Bahati challenged Bryan White to reveal the source of his money. “Let Bryan White tell you which business he does and how much he has on his dollar account then we shall invite him to the table of the Don,” he said.