Lydia Jazmine tortures comedians

Lydia Jazmine tortures comedians


By Joan Murungi
Singer Lydia Jazmine has an angelic voice and a body that doubles as a torture chamber for some men.
During last Thursday’s Comedy night at Diners’ lounge Bukoto, comedy lovers momentarily forgot about what took them there.

After rubbing Lydia Jazmine’s ample derierre, comedian Mc Vex was sent to cloud nine

Instead they drooled and gawked as singer Lydia Jazmine, dressed in a short provocative outfit became torture queen of the night.
Her biggest culprit was lanky comedian Ronnie Mc Vex, who was lost in delirium and she did a rub-a-dub. Seeing Mc Vex, someone in the audience shouted: “When you’re trying to remain a faithful man tonight but the devil is working overtime,”
As Ronnie Mc Vex enjoyed his moment, the other comedians like Emma Napoleone and Patrick Salvador Idringi pocketed.
Calm before the storm

When Jazmine was done with her ‘torture’, the stage was then set for fast rising singer Fik Fameika who battled with Jazmine for the best songs. On account of voice, Fameika won as fans enjoyed his songs such as Byenyenya, Kakima, Pistol and others.