Spark TV’s Zahara Toto snares Don Bahati

Spark TV’s Zahara Toto snares Don Bahati


By Alex Balimwikungu
With his highly billed Money and Power party drawing ever so close, it was only a matter of time before Kampala’s slay queens started throwing themselves at Don Bahati a.k.a Ivan Ssemwanga’s heir.

Zahara Totto lapped up to DOn Bahati all weekend

Whereas some of Kampala’s slay queens are patiently waiting for a chance in December, when Don Bahati and crew jet in for the party on 28th December at Club Guvnor, Zahara Toto used up her time in South Africa well.
The two acted lovey-dovey while on the red carpet

Our sources in Mzansi tell us that Zahara Toto, a socialite and TV personality with Spark TV was all over Don Bahati when she attended the Star QT Awards in Johannesburg on Sunday. “She was all over him like a stripper and he lapped up to the attention,” a source who attended the awards reveals.
On the night, Don Bahati Lubega, an entrepreneur with businesses in Zambia and South Africa won the category of Best Entrepreneur in the Business category of the Awards.

Visibly excited, Bahati revealed that he was putting the party in South Africa on ice as he prepares to celebrate his achievement at the Money and Power party at

Don Bahati’s award where he was voted Best Entrepreneur.
“It will be massive. Kampala will know who the real don is,” he said as Zahara Toto purred by his side like a cat lapping to its master.
Zahara presents “LiveWire” programme at Spark TV and while she is away laying strategies in South Africa, her colleague Annatalia Oze has been going it solo.
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