Profile: Mosh Mulla: Kampala’s new MC kid on the block

Profile: Mosh Mulla: Kampala’s new MC kid on the block


By Winnie Nakassanje
Three years ago, Mosh Mulla (Moses Tusubira) was already that dude on Kampala’s night circuit. Whereas many noticed his work ethic and talent, his big break through hadn’t come.

Mosh Mulla looks up to emcee Mich Egwang and is determined to make it to the top

As most party people on the night scene will testify, he is the man of the moment. He is a breath of fresh air hosting nights in different bars in town alongside famed DJs. For such a young dude, he already has a lot on his Emceeing plate; you cannot blame him for getting carried away and talking big.
Mosh Mulla (with microphone) has had a hand at many gigs in town

“I am here to inspire and change the perception of the public towards people like us who host events,” he says.
For one who has hosted nights in different bars in town alongside known DJs, he gives off the aura of one who has been there and done that. He however singles out hosting the famed Purple Party as one of his career highlights.
For him, it has been a long journey that saw him start from the bottom (Makenke in Mbarara) to the top with gigs at Ben Rich Lounge, Valhalla, and Centenary Park among others.
Mosh is the first son to the late Tusubiira Nathan. He grew up with a single mother and has five siblings. He went to Nganwa high school in Mbarara Kyambogo SS and later joined Victoria University for Mass communication where he is set to graduate this year.
Mosh Mulla

When Mosh was voted in as the entertainment prefect way back in high school, he got more love for the microphone. “I started hosting all school gigs, I became the official MC of all sosh events in Mbarara schools and since then I’ve never looked back” he says.
When Mosh looks at Ronnie Egwang a.k.a Uncle Mitch, he sees himself as the future Mitch of entertainment in Uganda.
“Mitch inspires me and that’s why I am working upon being better than him but rather in the entertainment industry. I like Kazoora too” Mosh shares.
When he finally made it to Kampala, Mosh didn’t give up. He found a way of entering bars as a marketer. He has promoted bars like Casablanca, Nirvana and Benrich lounge where he has been the public relations officer and official MC of the mentioned bars.
Just like any other person struggling to see their careers grow, Mosh has been challenged though he says he is to persist however much he is let down.

Mosh Mulla (left) with a friend

“I have been under looked, ignored and wrecked by those who I found already established in the business. I can’t forget how a certain MC in town denied me a microphone claiming that no one knew me when my basummer friends asked me to host their party in club play. I was hurt but it was a lesson for me to persist and establish myself like them” he says.

Mosh is proud of having started from scratch and made his way to where he is that he has now engaged into other businesses that work hand in hand with entertainment. “I am in to ushering business.
Whenever hired as an MC at a corporate event, I am not taken but as a company under Mosh Mullah. I host events as my ushers give a hand” he says. He’s vowed to hustle until he doesn’t need to introduce himself to the crowd.