Eight DJs and four MCs confirmed for Slick Stuart and Roja Mixtape...

Eight DJs and four MCs confirmed for Slick Stuart and Roja Mixtape Party


The DJ duo of Slick Stuart and DJ roja have received amajor boost from Talent Africa’s Ally Allibhai

By Kampala Sun writer
The much anticipated Mixtape Party headlined by DJs Slick Stuart and Roja has received a major boost with eight DJs and 4 MCs confirmed for party.
With Talent Africa’s Aly Allibhai at the helm of things, the only thing left for the DJ duo is to concentrate on perfecting their set. Allibhai was the man behind the much talked about and appreciated Diplo Live in Kampala concert at Golf Course Hotel. The concert has been dubbed one of the most indulgent on Kampala soil in 2017. Whether the Mixtape Party will follow in the same pattern is a matter of time.
We have learnt that the party will not be about DJ Slickstuart and Roja alone as about 8 DJs and 4 MCs have been lined up to add oomph to the party. Speaking to DJ Roja, he confirmed to us that DJ Naselow,DJ Jose, DJ Nash, DJ Aludah, DJ Meek, DJ Jerry, DJ Selector J and DJ Mercy among others.
Slickstaurt and Roja will have different MCs and Hype men the ones confirmed include Hypeman, Mc Kats, Esco and MC Wright. All these can be well described as party movers when it comes to the Entertainment Industry.
Artistes on the performer’s lineup will include Winnie Nwagi, Sheeba, Bebe Cool, Cindy, Beenie Gunter and Kemishan among others.
All this action will take place on November 24 (next Friday) at Golf Course Hotel in Kampala. It will be the fourth edition of the Mixtape Party ever since the duo started working together about 6 years ago. Tickets to the event will only go for Shs20,000