Pemba showers Abryanz nominees in booze

Pemba showers Abryanz nominees in booze


By Kampala Sun writer
Socialite Jack Pemba returned to the country yesterday, immediately hitting the social scene and back to what he does best – splashing money.

Jack Pemba was in generous mood as he showered Abryanz Awards nominees with Ciroc

Pemba who is set to make good on his Shs100m sponsorship of this year’s Abryanz Style and Fashion awards attended the nominees party that was held at Sky Lounge in Kiseminti last night and left quite an impression
The night is dubbed Ciroc Ultra Nights, so Pemba made sure Ciroc was flowing like the River Nile.
It was a full house as nominees indulged and enjoyed the deep pockets of Jack Pemba

“I want a bottle of Ciroc on every table,” Pemba roared when given the microphone, leading to loud cheers from people who he upgraded from shots and cocktails to popping bottles.
“Over the last six months, I have had a few setbacks, but I am back bigger than ever. There is only one JP,” he said.
“All the money I have spent in the past five years, I am going to spend in one year,” Pemba assured those who thought that his accounts had run empty.

Jack Pemba, Abryanz and a buddy enjoy at the party held at Sky Lounge

The businessman with interests in Uganda, London and Dubai has mainly spent his money on the social and sports scene. He has sponsored awards shows and music concerts on top of his random open bar nights and his support has also been extended to sports, sponsoring weight lifting, martial arts and basketball where he oils top flight team Pemba Warriors