Chameleon intensifies war on foreign artistes

Chameleon intensifies war on foreign artistes


Chameleone has waged war on foreign artistes

By Ashraf Kasirye
Last Thursday chameleon staged is first live performance days after returning from Europe.
Unlike before, Chameleone was calmed than of recent to the extent that he almost knelt down to thank every fan who approached his stage to tip him.
Sometimes he held their arms and kissed them, you could easily read it from his eyes that ‘This guy is up to something’ and yes he is luring more fans into loving Ugandan music especially at this time when his little brother Pallaso has a concert very soon.
“Those who follow me online you saw what I did to those guys on my tour in Europe, I showered them with music and indeed they love our music, But it’s very hard to find our music playing in their countries, why don’t we do the same here.
Let’s love our products first, then think about others, those Guys are not building us in anyway, but we have built them a great deal, we consume their music, we take in their movies and so on and so forth, Guys please let’s build our industry” Chameleon gave a lecture of more than 10 minutes.
He then returned to music and the Audience Ululated