Pemba shops for 2017 Lexus Sport Plus and Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Pemba shops for 2017 Lexus Sport Plus and Mercedes Benz G Wagon


Pemba and his family have been soaking up in Dubai ahead of the Christmas period

By Kampala Sun writer
Christmas time and moneybags Jack Pemba just decided to gift himself real big! We have reliably learnt that Pemba, who has been away in Dubai for family time and business for some weeks now, went shopping for big machines.
The monster Lexus which Pemba is going to unleash on Kampala’s dusty streets

According to our source, Pemba acquired two new rides; a Lexus Sport Plus and a Mercedes Benz G Wagon; both rides are 2017 models, valued at Shs1.5bn. The source told us that Pemba is set to unleash his new rides shortly before we cross into the New Year.
A Mercedes Benz G Wagon 2017 model, which Pemba is ready to import

Once on the road, Pemba will not only be the only Ugandan with the luxurious 2017 models of both cars, but he will be the first man in Uganda to own a Toyota Lexus Sport Plus. Pemba was rumoured, to be having financial woes but he recently made a big comeback when he sponsored the Abryans Style & Fashion Awards (ASFAs) to the tune of Shs100m, which he handed over at a press conference in cash! With his latest acquisitions, it’s only fair to say Pemba is doing even better!
The interior of the Range Rover 2017