Muhangi’s Comedy Store relocates from Bukoto

Muhangi’s Comedy Store relocates from Bukoto

Alex Muhangi’s comedy store lasted for three months at club 400

By Website writer

Comedy Store Ug, a weekly comedy show hosted by comedian Alex Muhangi, is on the move again.

The weekly comedy show which was shifted from Diners Lounge to neighbouring 400 Club in Bukoto in last year is now being relocated to another venue, The UMA Exhibition Hall in Lugogo.

According to a statement released by management, they are relocating again over constant clashes with the authorities at their current venue. The statement read:

“The circumstances that prompted us to move the show were unprecedented and beyond our making. Central to these circumstances were the continued disruptions by city authorities over what they called noise pollution to residents in the neighbourhood.

“They further said that the show was contravening with the mandatory timelines for night events. It’s upon this background that as Management of Comedy Store, we came to the realization that it was no longer possible to hold shows at the 400 without interruptions. Both parties (Comedy Store and 400) agreed that it was in their own best interests to deal with this challenge.

“Therefore, we hereby announce that we shall henceforth host our weekly shows at the UMA Exhibition Hall in Lugogo, which is an indoor venue and thus won’t go against the KCCA regulations that guide entertainment events.”

The show will debut on Thursday, 25 January, 2018.