Kenzo battling low self-esteem-Bebe Cool

Kenzo battling low self-esteem-Bebe Cool


By Alex Balimwikungu
According to singer Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo achieved accidental fame with the viewer’s choice award for the BET Awards, he has no talent and his X-factor are the ghetto kids, whose dance regimen catapulted him (Kenzo) to accidental fame.
Bebe Cool is stoic in his resolve that Kenzo has no talent whatsoever; his estranged wife Rema Namakula had a better prospect to become a real BET winner, until she was derailed by a promoter called solo Kayemba.

Calm before storm: Bebe Cool and Kenzo pose for a picture with the French Ambassador to Uganda

Bebe Cool believes that Edirisa (Eddy) Kenzo’s biggest problem is that he battles low self-esteem, which has made him lose focus. Speaking on a music show, Koona with Spark TV hosted by Miles Rwamiti, Bebe Cool spoke his heart out.
“He feels bad about himself and carries feelings of hopelessness. Even with his run-away success, he deems himself not worthy of success. That’s why he thinks comparing himself to Bebe Cool will make him better,” He said.

”Remah Namakula would have become an African star had she remained in Gagamel. She had the voice to challenge the likes of Tiwa Savage. I trained her for that role in the song Cease and Sekkle but she was diverted and started singing at weddings,” says Bebe Cool.
Bebe Cool’s rant comes from a recent video in which Kenzo accused Bebe of not wishing the music industry well. He went as far as saying that Bebe Cool is not better than him (Kenzo) in any aspect, apart from age.
The two started their squabble last week when Bebe Cool released a list of his top 20 artistes and omitted the BET winner Eddy Kenzo, Chameleone, Radio and Weasel and Bobi Wine among others.
When asked about the list and why some artists were missing, Bebe Cool said the list was not about to change because it was tagged on various things ranging from DJ playlists and other factors in the industry.

A photo collage of the artistes
ight Nigerians musically and now, even Tanzanians are penetrating our space.
Bebe Cool is stagnant and as for the list, that was his thinking, but also, he should not judge others, he had better leave that to the media.”
“Bebe is old enough, he should instead be supporting us than fighting us. My songs are playing in Malawi and other African countries,” Kenzo concluded.

When this got to Bebe Cool, he responded almost immediately.

“Then let him go to Malawi because me I was talking about music in Uganda.