Sheebah introduces bra-less campaign

Sheebah introduces bra-less campaign

Sheebah has taken to moving around bra-less

By Norah Mukimba

Singer Sheebah Karungi is no stranger to controversy that we are starting to accept that’s her style and suspect that she actually enjoys it.

And of late it seems her latest mission is to ensure that women do away with wear bras.

“Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give Or Simply Give What You Expect,” Sheebah posted on her social media

The whole post seemed an okay post until she added “#AndOh…FreeTheNippleBaby,” she accompanied it with a photo of herself dressed in damaged combat jeans, a black vest and, you guessed right, a black vest that clearly outlined her bra-less nipples.

For a while now, Sheebah has been moving braless and seems to relish in it.

Other celebs who hate wearing bras include: Rihanna, Kim Kadarshian, Kylie Jenner, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Mylie Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan.