Albino sacrifice in Uganda: Brains, bones, private parts missing

Albino sacrifice in Uganda: Brains, bones, private parts missing


A victim of a near death experience narrates her ordeal after surviving

By website writer.

Parliament of Uganda during events to mark the parliament week held a charity walk. It was intended to come to the rescue of people living with albinism in Uganda.

Following a call made by Jude Sekyanzi, the Executive Director Uganda Albinos Association parliament led by speaker Rebecca Kadaga urged Ugandans to stop viewing albinos as a source of quick wealth since their body parts now fetch a lot of money on the black market.

However, such calls by Kadaga always fall on deaf ears because since late last year at least 50 people with albinism, a congenital condition resulting in a lack of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes, have been murdered.

More recently, a local 39-year-old woman with albinism discovered with body parts missing after she was brutally murdered.

Her body was found with bones from her arms and legs missing and her head split open, which led to suspicion that her brain had been taken, according to news sources.

Police spokesperson, Emilian Kayima said Police had begun investigations and asked the public to volunteer information on people involved in the heinous crime. He revealed that there is a fear that many cases go unreported.

A new report from Amnesty International accuses police In Africa of failing to protect the albino population, and the governments of failing to educate its citizens about albinism’s natural causes.

Many people born with albinism live in constant fear as there is a price to everyone’s head. Their body parts are sold to witchdoctors who use them in their sorcery. Body parts are believed to bring good luck and wealth and as such, in some cases, family members have been accused of plotting for the death of their own siblings just for the money. Many have since fled their homes.

Albino body parts fetch a high price. They can range from $2,000 (UGX7.2m) for a limb to $75,000 (UGX275m) for a full set of body parts. About 15,000 people live with albinism in Uganda.