Apio Moro bags collabo with UK’s Joss Stone

Apio Moro bags collabo with UK’s Joss Stone


Apio Moro has bagged a collaboration with Joss Stone

By Website writer
They performed on the same stage last week in Kampala in a show dubbed the “Joss Stone Live in Concert, Kampala”.
Now the latest vibe we hear is that after her splendid performance at the Design Hub on 18th January, Apio Moro is set for a collaboration with Stone, a Grammy Award winning artist with up to 6 platinum albums to her collection.

Apio Moro joins an enviable list of performers like Damian Marley, Mick Jagger, Carlos Santana and rappers such as Common and Lauryn Hill who have performed songs with Joss Stone.

Stone is on a World Music Tour where she is touring continents and countries, and playing her music to crowds. In Africa, she has only performed in a few countries some of which include Uganda, Ethiopia, and Rwanda.
To contribute to the music industry of that country she visits, Stone does a collabo with one artist in that country who does music similar to hers.

Apio Moro had a splendid performance at Design HUB

Admired for her voice and music style, Apio Moro is a young and talented Ugandan songbird, only a recent graduate whose music is nothing but that which soothes the soul. Her music is a fusion of Japadhola, Luganda, and English – in the same voice. It tells of her life experiences, about HIV, cross generational marriages, love among other interests
“My music is Afro-soul, recorded with African instrumentation, and in Jap,” she says. “It spills over into a rock like sound.”

Off Apio’s upcoming album Chuny that will be released this year, Stone recorded a verse in Japadhola to Pariye, one of the songs in the 13 songs collection album.

“I met with a great artist that day” she says, when asked how she feels about Stone. “I admire that she has got a lot of talent in her music.”

The collabo will be released at a later date together with Apio’s album whose dates are yet to be communicated.