Fifida Queen explains her source of beef with Suudiman

Fifida Queen explains her source of beef with Suudiman


Suudiman is said to be jealous of Fifi

By Ronnie Twinamasiko
When Bukedde TV host introduced her man, Fablous, many people were not pleased, top on the list; Suudiman.
The music promoter took to social media to vent his displeasure. In one of his many venom laced posts, he called Fifi a whore, and in another he threatened to release Fifi’s sextape as evidence of his claims. Apparently, the video is out there. We have not seen it though.
Fifi and her man Fab Love. She says Suudi is jealous of them

Now in a fresh interview, Fifi has thrown shade at Suudi saying, he is desperate for attention.
She goes on to say, “Suudi has been beefing me since I obstructed him for stealing money from the Timaya show in Jinja. I was in-charge of monitoring gate collecting and while I was going about my job, Suudi came and said he wanted to man the gate. I knew he had intentions to steal money so we had an exchange. Since then, he hates me, but I don’t care.”