Case Clinic trashes Mowzey Radio allegations

Case Clinic trashes Mowzey Radio allegations


Case-Hospital-Kampala has denied ever employing anyone in the names of Cathy Namubiru

By Paul Waiswa
A female voice, purporting to belong to a ‘nurse’ at Case Clinic is doing rounds on social media. Most glaring is a claim that Case Clinic operated on an already dead Mowzey Radio so as to make money. However, the hospital has categorically come out to quash the rumour as untrue and malicious.
In the message, a one Cathy Namubiru claims that the late was poisoned and there was a lot of foam flowing from his body openings especially the nose and mouth.
She further added that the deceased was brought to the hospital in a critical condition and refutes allegation of the late being hit on the head as earlier reported.
However, the management at Case hospital took the entire evening clearing the air about the development. The top management disclosed to the public that they have never employed anyone in the names of Cathy Namubiru.
While on their official Facebook page and addressed the development about the allegation made by various individuals who they regarded them as traitors and people with misleading the public.