Trinidad’s Arielle Alexa outs club banger, targets Ugandan collabos

Trinidad’s Arielle Alexa outs club banger, targets Ugandan collabos

Arielle Alexa perfoming at Sunset Festival in 2016

By Wilson Manishimwe

Arielle Alexa is a Trinidad-based singer with a deep admiration for Ugandan music industry. Apparently, when you listen to her new single titled All To Me, you clearly feel she has made the connection to local (Ugandan /East African) music market or, just by sheer luck, she did a song that can easily slip onto rotation.

It is some sort of club banger, and can easily be played by the nightclub DJs for its upbeat tempo. It is an R&B/Dancehall tune and while it’s clearly a club banger, we can say she sings about a girl daring a boy to make his move.

“You Know Right Now That I Want You/Don’t Play Around Now You Know Just What To Do” goes one of the lines in the bridge. It is one song that would get one bobbing their heads in the club and probably get off their haunches and shake their bodies.

What inspired her to record “All To Me” song
She says: “This is something that a lot of us have experienced before. You are driven by a desire but also an uncertainty about a relationship with someone who you really care about. You put it all on the line and you hope that the object of your affection is responsive to your signals!!! It’s sexy and charming and at the end of the day it’s a love song.”

About Arielle Alexa;

In less than two years, she has starred in large concerts, theatrical plays, live studio recordings and advertising campaigns, among other events of her many accomplishments over her short but impactful time since that 2015 audition.

Some of her more remarkable performances in the past year include Sunset Festival, Diner en Blanc and The Big 5 Concert where she performed alongside BP Renegades Steel Orchestra.

However, Arielle, as she is commonly known, is much more than an entertainer, she is a socially responsible individual that sees herself as an agent of social change and transformation.

She uses her talent to make a difference in communities where it matters most, her music being an extension of her labour of love, personal identity and brand. In the past couple months; she has focused on charitable work joining the causes of the “Anti- Bullying Campaign”, The Trinidad and Tobago Cancer Society and The Down Syndrome Family Network.

Her heart is touched by children. So much so, that in the music video for her latest release “Feeling” she teams up with the children of St. Francois Valley Rd., Belmont, the Boys Scouts and Elle Dance Company taking the viewers on a happy, heart-touching ride through the Belmont community all the way up to a rooftop overlooking the Savannah.

Her aspiration
According to her manager Aranthes Lewin of EarthStrong Production, Arielle is now positioning herself to take her career to the next level working with international promoters, collaborating with some of well-known stars and performing in a series of local, regional and international events.