I will not retract my statement on Age limit -Bishop Kisembo

I will not retract my statement on Age limit -Bishop Kisembo


By Paul Waiswa
Reuben Kisembo, the Bishop Rwenzori Diocese has sworn not to take back his words of advice to President Museveni that he should retire and oversee a peaceful transition of power.
The Bishop carried this message in his Homily during the commissioning of St. Elizabeth Chapel at Kyebambe Girls’ School last Saturday.
He openly told the President to retire and not deny his family, Ugandans, East Africa and Africa as a whole, an opportunity to witness a peaceful hand over of power.
Kisembo added that although the constitution was amended, to remove the cap on the presidential age, it is not too late for the President to retire in 2021 when his current term of office ends.

Bishop Kisembo scathed the president with remarks about the age limit

Bishop Kisembo scathed the president with remarks about the age limit
However, the remarks did not rub President Yoweri Museveni well, prompting him to respond with fire, claiming he does not want to be lectured on what to do for Uganda and that those who lecture him should have the qualifications.
But, the bold Bishop has categorically stated that he will not apologize for the good counsel he extended to the president.
“Among the many things I talked about, I made the following statement which has generated a lot of debate: “It is true the Presidential age limit was removed from our constitution whatever justifications were made. But we appeal to you, Your Excellency to plan for peaceful succession and transfer of power from you to another person, for your own good, for the good of your family, for the good of our nation and for the good of East Africa, Africa and the whole world. Don’t deny our country that opportunity” he wrote
The Bishop wondered if the statement was disrespectful, abusive or confrontational.
“As for the venue and forum, I was just fulfilling my religious role of sharing God’ word in season and out of season (2Timothy 4:1-5). I have categorically stated that I don’t belong to any political party whatsoever and don’t promote anybody’ interests. I don’t have an atom of interest in any political office. I am just fulfilling my calling as a religious leader who has the mandate to talk about anything created by God whom I serve” he concluded.
Bishop Kisembo is known for his boldness especially on issues to do with politics. He was one of the many religious leaders that spoke against the passing of presidential age limit last year.