Myko Ouma in an acoustic Valentine’s performance

Myko Ouma in an acoustic Valentine’s performance


By Musa Ssemwanga

The talented jazz guitarist serenaded revelers last night at Liquid Silk Nalya. Ouma was flanked by a full ensemble band on the unplugged stage. He was dressed in a white jacket and black trousers.

Myko Ouma performing


Arguably one of Uganda’s best jazz guitarists, Myko Ouma opened the show with an acoustic rendition of “Water Runs Dry,” a song originally done by Boyz II Men.

In support of a live band, he played couple of covers from renowned artists like “Love You Every day” by Bebe Cool, “Waiting In Vain” by Bob Marley, Human Nature by Michael Jackson, “Sura Yako” by Suti Sol as well as the famous “Ou Le” song by Twoubadou.


He then performed “Neera” as a  tribute to the fallen vocalist Mowzey Radio who passed on weeks back.

The club then promised something new for their Unplugged Season 2 that will feature two artsites on the same stage; Latinum and Nutty Neithan were announced to feature in that segment.