Bryan White in fresh shooting scandal

Bryan White in fresh shooting scandal


Bryan White has been dragged to court in fresh shooting claim..

By Barbara Kahumuza and Michael Odeng
As socialite Bryan Kirumira, popularly known as Bryan White, is still battling charges of attempted murder of his neighbour Victor Bitwire at the lower court, he has again been dragged to the high court by a one Ivan Bogere for allegedly shooting him.
Through Rwakafuuzi and Company Advocates, Bogere claims that on the night of October 21, 2017 while returning from PTC Club on Salaama Road, White falsely accused him of being a thief and shot him.
“While I was returning from a club at about 2:00am, I encountered Bryan White and another man dressed in ordinary clothes holding torches and standing by the fence of a posh residence and they ordered me to stop and immediately fired bullets at me while I ran for my dear life,” he narrated his ordeal.
He further states that he fell down in deep pain and bled profusely due to the gunshot injuries while White, then dressed in a hooded jumper, accused him of stealing his properties.
Bogere says he pleaded with White to take him to the hospital as he nearly lost consciousness but in vain. “White and his colleague placed metals in my bag so that they could allege that I was a thief, whereas not”.
Police have denied arming tycoon Bryan White.

He said his alarm attracted several persons from the neighbouring homesteads, who called the Police. The Police then whisked him on a Police truck and dumped him at Mulago Hospital where he remained helpless.
“Since then, I have been in and out of hospital and I have undergone an operation but have not yet recovered from the gunshot wounds and the associated trauma,” Bogere contends.
He says White acted recklessly in firing several bullets, which injured him.
Bogere says as a result of White’s action, he has been rendered ill, unproductive and can no longer fend for his family. He says he has suffered pain, mental and physiological anguish, and medical expenses for which he claims damages.
He wants court to declare that Bryan White acted negligently when he fired several bullets and injured him.
Bogere also wants court to award him damages for negligence with interest at court rate from the date of judgement until payment in full and costs of the suit.
He said a notice of intention to sue was served to White but he kept a deaf hear.
When The Kampala Sun asked Bogere’s lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi how much he wants court to award him in damages, he said it has to be assessed by the doctors depending on the injuries inflicted on his client.
Rwakafuuzi also revealed that Bogere’s mother reported the matter at Katwe Police Station where White is taken on as the suspect on the offence of attempted murder.
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  1. Comment:This is now a second person to complain about Bryan white shooting him. Bryan White is wrongly excited.From rags to riches.He is just taking laws in his hands.where does he get the fire arms he is misusing?Question unanswered.