Ronald Mayinja is Judas-Opposition

Ronald Mayinja is Judas-Opposition


Roland Mayinja has been branded Judas

By website writer
Popular singer Ronald Mayinja has been branded Judas by opposition faithful.
Mayinja, who was once regarded as a voice for the opposition with songs like Tuli Kubunkenke and Africa, which ridicule bad governance attributed to the ruling NRM government, shocked many when he turned up to perform at an NRM fete in Kiboga over the weekend.
The fete was organised by the NRM to congratulate the 317 MPs who voted for the removal of the presidential age-limit last year.
Mayinja, a known supporter of the Democratic Party, had many in shock. The accuse him of selling his soul for a few coins and meat.
Members of the NRM party take to the dance floor at the NRM fete in Kiboga

“My best Artist Ronald Mayinja has sang for Mr. M7 in Kiboga as the 317 MPs celebrate the raping of the Constitution!!! I still don’t know what the action means. Just this week on Thursday, he sang for us in Jinja at Mwiru Paul’s rally. I don’t know how I feel,” posted Harold Kaija, the party’s deputy secretary general, on his Facebook page.
Opposition leaning and DP stalwart Simon Kaggwa Njala, cautioned against pent up anger by the public.
“The furore of Ugandans towards Ronald Mayinja for having performed at the unholy function in Kiboga is understandable. Ugandans are an angry lot that they’d even pick a quarrel with a yellow cup.
In the case therefore, they always need someone or something to vent their anger. This anger will someday erupt into something unpleasant for us.