Kidnappers chopped off Magara’s fingers

Kidnappers chopped off Magara’s fingers


By Website writer
Fresh details have emerged about the circumstances under which Sarah Magara was kidnapped and later killed by unknown assailants.

In an interview with online nres source Nile Post, Lenny Muganwa, the grandfather to the deceased said Magara was kidnapped as she left the gym.

“She was in office up to 8:30pm and left to go to the gym where she was kidnapped, Muganwa said.
“After kidnapping her,the kidnappers drover her car and parked it near her home. They left the ignition on.”

The revelation by the grandfather to the deceased is slightly different from the earlier tale that Magara was kidnapped as she approached her home.

It is also said that the kidnappers left all her property including phones intact.

Magara’s body is wheeled at Mbuya cathedral

According to Lenny Muganwa, it seems the kidnappers knew the ins and outs of the deceased’s family.
He said the act of driving her vehicle near the deceased’s home and also asking for a big ransom pointed out that they knew the Muganwa family in Hoima.

“It seems they knew us and had done their homework well,” he said.

“On hearing the clip they sent,it seems they were from Hoima and knew us very well.”

According to the information available about the gruesome incident, a few days after kidnapping Magara, the assailants called her family and directed them to a place along Entebbe road where they had hidden a certain envelope.

In the envelope, according to the grandfather contained two fingers cut off from the deceased and a video clip.

“The clip was showing how her two fingers had been cut while she was watching and was crying.”

He said that the kidnappers asked a lot of things from the family and they tried to fulfill the demands.

He added that it was unfortunate that they later killed her.

He also revealed that President Museveni assisted the family in finding the kidnappers and would brief the family on a daily basis about the progress of the investigations.

Lenny Muganwa however refuted rumours making rounds on social media that Magara was kidnapped due to a deal gone bad with her dad.

“We are a clean family even back in Hoima. There was never any deal that we got involved in.”