Stop attacking upcoming artists- Pallaso blasts Bebe

Stop attacking upcoming artists- Pallaso blasts Bebe


Pallaso has blasted Bebe Cool for mal- treatment of upcoming artistes

By Stella Naigino
Pius Mayanja aka pallaso told fellow artist Bebecool to stop abusing and throwing insults at upcoming artists.
Speaking on a local television yesterday, Pallaso said, for a long time Bebecool has been out there throwing insults and him and comparing him to all sorts of bad people but its time he stops because he has got a lot to do if he is to remain relevant in the music industry.
“You have not been attacking just me but also other upcoming artists but it would be best if you mind your business and let us be,” said Pallaso.
He added that he cannot be Bebe cool and he has never wanted to be like him. He is proud of what he has achieved in the music industry and looks forward to achieve more so old people like Bebecool should let him be.
He advised Bebecool to mind his business and behave like his age mates. This comes at a time when Bebecool had written a list of artists who rocked 2017 and this list did not do justice to some artists that they came up and criticized it strongly. Ends​