Mariam Ndagire celebrates female art

Mariam Ndagire celebrates female art


By Musa Semwanga
Women Musicians,actress’,producers,script writers ,radio and Tv hosts were rewarded at Bat Valley Theatre during the 1st Annual Female performing Artist’s Conference.

Mariam Ndagire hands over a certificate to Irene Namatovu

An annual workshop organised by Mariam Ndagire Film and performing Art Centre,it was the first of its kind as it is aimed at rewarding,acknowledging,sensitizing and addressing Women in Art problems.

It was organised as part of the International Women’s day celebrations with key speakers such as veteran actor/traditionist Annet Nandujja who urged male TV personalities to stop the bad vice of bedding female musicians in return of airing their works.

Ndagire hands Joanita Kawalya a certificate of appreciation

Also,a committee was selected to strategize and help fellows into achieving some of the objectives as discussed in the workshop.

The committee included Joanita Kawalya ,Mariam Ndagire,Annet Nandujja,Harriet Ssanyu,Susan Nalwoga,Fiona Nanteza,Hellen Ntulo,Sarah Kabenge Rebecca Jjingo.

They were treated to a feast

Mariam Ndagire the organiser in her speech, tasked fellow Women artists into upping their game respective of their different specialities.

‘The purpose of this annual workshop is to see women artists re-gain their lost respect,success and star dome both in the eyes of their families and public(fans)’ she added.