Bebe Cool Flags off heart victim

Bebe Cool Flags off heart victim


Bebe Cool flags off the heart victim and her mother at Entebbe airport

By Kampala Sun writer
Singer Bebe Cool’s heart patient initiative is already paying off. On Sunday, the singer flagged off the first baby suffering from heart complications for an advanced operation in India.
This follows the endless pleas for financial help by the baby’s mother to Bebe Cool to the extent that she camped at his residence crying for help.
Bebe Cool launched the initiative with friends

“This afternoon, I have managed to flag the first baby with the heart complications to India with support from Mr. Aga Sekalala of Radio Simba. A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step forward. Let’s put the young mother and her baby in prayer. Six more babies to go and these are Ugandan children,” affirmed singer Bebe Cool.
Last Month, Bebe Cool, through his charity foundation and friends, promised to come to the aid of six children born with heart complications.