Ugandan herbalists arrested in Zambia

Ugandan herbalists arrested in Zambia


Don Bahati was arrested in Zambia

By paul Waiswa
The Ugandan herbalists were arrested on Sunday at a lodge in Lusaka, the country‚Äôs capital, where they had gathered to elect leaders of their “illegal association of Ugandan herbalists,” Namati Nshinka, the Immigration Department spokesperson said.
According to reports all the 41 Ugandan herbalists did not have travel or immigration documents to confirm they were in the country legally, they have since been detained.
When he comes around for the holidays, he refers to himself as Don Bahati, but when he goes back, he is operating his Chief Muhamed Herbal Limited located along Nationalist Way.
The 41 had gathered at a lodge in Kamwala where they were to elect new office bearers for their herbalist association which authorities add that it is illegal.
“Among the apprehended is Mr. Don Bahati Lubega, 30, who was earlier arrested for failing to observe conditions of his spouse permit,” An Immigration officer Nshinka Namati said.
“Members of the public are urged to avoid falling prey to such fraudsters and instead report such criminals to law enforcement agencies,” He added.
Don Bahat was one of the guys who dropped cash in the late Ivan Ssemwanga’s grave, he had also vowed to replace him in the showbiz business, but he failed to measure up, matters were made worse when new socialite, Bryan White stole the limelight from whoever tried to make themselves relevant along those lines.
This is coming at the time when another loaded socialite, SK Mbuga is apprehended in Dubai on matters regarding money.



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