Spice Diana not joining Goodlyfe-Manager

Spice Diana not joining Goodlyfe-Manager


By website writer
When Spice Diana flew with Goodlyfe’s singer Weasel for a couple of Easter shows in London, rumour mill went into overdrive.
Word has it that Spice Diana, who flew to London without her possessive manager cum boyfriend; Roger Lubega had gone to broker a deal that would see her become Weasel’s singing partner.

Spice Diana had a swell time in London, prompting rumours she was on the move

However, we have established that it is all false, at least according to her manager Lubega.
Roger Lubega will not let his meal ticket go easily

” As far as I am concerned Spice Diana has no plans of joining Weasel and Goodlyfe. But if any project comes up for the two work together, then there seems to me no problem. But I can confirm she is not joining any music group,” Roger says.
Roger also confirmed that he will be working with Jose Chameleone.